Egyptian Extravaganza

Egyptian Extravanganza

1 May 2017

This month, Kaiden will be delving into the world of immersive theatre, transported back in time to Egypt in the 1920s. Curious Flamingo Productions, spearheaded by innovative Saudi Arabian producer Soha Khan, will be transforming the Colab Factory in Borough into an Egyptian wonderland and invite audiences to come and party it up with King Tutankhamun himself (portrayed by Holli Dillon).

Egyptian Extravaganza explores the cultural appropriation of Egypt by the West. It will look at Egypt’s facts and fictions and where the two blur in the romanticised views of the Ancient Middle East that Western society still imposes on modern day Cairo.

Kaiden will be taking on the role of Lt. Jason Whittard, a young naval lieutenant lost in the desert and in time following a siege in Alexandria that would lead to the Anglo-Egyptian war of 1882.

Egyptian Extravaganza will be performing from May 10th-13th.