NEWtopia Returns

NEWtopia Returns

5 Nov 2019

Back in 2016 the world ended and the only thing to survive the fallout was advertising in the No Brand Collective‘s original dark satire NEWtopia. This year, the world ends once more and Kaiden rejoins the team at No Brand to reprise the role he originated from their inaugural production.

Kaiden plays the role of Tony, a put-upon intern at a high-end marketing agency. A mysterious apocalypse seems to have taken out the entire staff bar from Tony, the ever-obnoxious Line Manager, Patrick (Shaun Oxenham) and stone-cold executive, Ian (Chris Keyna).

While Tony worries about the finer details of surviving through the end of the world, Ian and Patrick focus their attentions on the much more critical issue of their falling stock prices in the wake of the end of human civilisation. Spurred on by the fear of falling sales and the prospect of losing clients, Patrick and Ian set about rebranding the apocalypse and making the end of the world more buyer friendly, much to Tony’s pragmatic exasperation!

Originally a short 45 minute piece, NEWtopia has now been extended into a full hour and a half show, delving even further into the socio-economic structures of neoliberal capitalism with that same biting wit and well-timed physical comedy that made its first run such a success.

NEWtopia returns for a 3 night run this month at the Camden Etcetera Theatre, London from 19th-21st November.