Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet-1

11 Sep 2011

Returning to the works of Shakespeare right off of the back of his tour of Lear: 1864: Trail Of Tears, Kaiden is pleased to announce that his latest project will be portraying Paris in the Bard’s most famous tragedy of all: Romeo & Juliet. The production, to open this October in Covent Garden at St. Paul’s, the Actor’s Church, is headed by fresh and upcoming theatre company Random Occurrence.

Deep into rehearsals already, Kaiden has enjoyed exploring the often too-overlooked role of Paris in this production. Paris is typically portrayed as a stunning and rich yet arrogant and two-dimensional character, however Kaiden has relished seeking his depth, uncovering his own tragedy, caught unwittingly within the unravelling story of the piece’s tragic titular lovers.

Kaiden has, in his growing performance, found a self-confident and self-important Paris who, in his sheltered existence of privilege lacks the necessary social skills to court the woman he seeks. While he genuinely cares for and even loves Juliet, Paris’ well-intentioned superciliousness leaves him oblivious to her lack of affection towards him. Kaiden’s Paris aims to be both endearing in his lack of malice and blissful ignorance yet distinctly unlovable in his social awkwardness and deep rooted narcissism.