Shakespeare Double-Bill

Shakespeare Double-Bill

7 Mar 2015

Kaiden is pleased to announce his return to his first theatrical love this month, performing a double-bill of Shakespeare at The Bread & Roses Theatre, in Clapham, London.

Kaiden will be joining the cast of Aequitas Theatre Company‘s productions of The Merchant Of Venice and Measure For Measure, taking on several roles in each show. Aequitas Theatre Company focus on casting equality, offering roles regardless of age, gender, shape, size, colour and creed, opening the opportunity to explore the universal aspects of human nature and identity that transcend these labels. Both Measure For Measure and The Merchant Of Venice explore the effects that religion has on our lives and identities, and it is this that Aequitas hope to explore in their productions.

In The Merchant Of Venice Kaiden will take on the role of Solanio, who is a Venetian merchant and, as are many of the characters in the show, a strong antisemite. In contrast to this, Kaiden will also be playing Jessica, a young Jewish girl and daughter of Shylock. Looking within the world of the play, Shylock can be seen as the piece’s antagonist, seen with prejudice as a greedy and heartless man, painted with these words because of the religion he follows. Outside sensibilities on the other hand, can look at Shylock with much more sympathy than the likes of Solanio, seeing and feeling the horrific bigotry that he faces, examining more closely the reasons and justifications behind his actions. Jessica, though born into a Jewish family, rejects her faith and father, choosing to convert to Christianity and runs from her family home in order to marry her Christian lover, Lorenzo.

In Measure For Measure, which explores religious repression of identity and sexuality, Kaiden will be playing the roles of Pompey, a clownish pimp, arrested for being a bawd, and Mariana, a jilted woman, abandoned by her fiancé. Mariana was engaged to be wed to the Deputy of Vienna, Angelo, who left Mariana after her father lost her dowry. Angelo has sentenced Claudio to death for premarital sex, but hypocritically, Angelo agrees to release Claudio if his sister Isabella, a chaste novice nun, will sleep with him. Isabella’s conflict over her need to maintain her Holy vows and her desire to save her brother’s life create the heart of the piece’s drama.

The Merchant of Venice and Measure for Measure will be performed on alternate nights 24th-29th March.

Kaiden DuBois and Aequitas Theatre Company are proud supporters of Equity UK‘s Professionally Made, Professionally Paid campaign.