Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg

6 Dec 2015

Christmas is rapidly approaching and Kaiden is gearing up for the festive season with not one, but two Christmas pantomimes with Tip of the Iceberg Theatre Company.

Tip of the Iceberg are a Theatre in Education company that travel to primary and secondary schools around the country, producing shows to both educate and entertain, offering related interactive workshops to follow. For the Christmas season, Kaiden will be joining Tip of the Iceberg in two pantos, aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2, performing in primary schools.

In the first of the two pantos, The Incredible Christmas Story Kaiden will play the role of Ben, a young boy who hates books and reading, who is being forced to write an adventure story for his homework. Frustrated with his homework, Ben tears his bedroom to pieces and destroys his bookshelf of books, muddling the pages of all the stories. This sets Ben off on an adventure as all of the fairytale characters get thrown out of their own world and into others. Using his imagination as his guide, Ben must put the fairytale characters back on correct courses and reunite Prince Charming with his princess, before he can get back to his bedroom in time to finish his homework and keep his mum form cancelling Christmas!

In the second panto, Gnome Alone, Kaiden plays Gnorman, a young, boisterous and selfish gnome that works for Santa in his grotto. Gnorman has no friends in Lapland and is abandoned by Santa’s elves in the enchanted wood for being lazy and refusing to chop wood to make the toys for Christmas. Lost and alone in the enchanted forest, Gnorman’s only way home is the magical monorail, but he can’t afford a ticket, the currency of choice for which is friendship tokens. Gnorman has to make friends with the storybook characters he meets in the wood by being helpful and kind in order for him to earn enough friendship tokens to get back to Lapland before Christmas.